Least we forget how the Obama Administration took control of two major American automobile companies and turned a Car Czar loose on them, it pays to look back.


“The National Automobile Dealers Association estimated that the G.M dealerships being dropped employ 63,000 people, and that 40,000 work at the Chrysler stores being closed. Thousands more jobs are at stake in the later phases of G.M.’s dealer cutbacks.

The dealers also contribute significant sales and property tax money to municipal budgets, and millions to local schools, sports leagues and other charities.

Though G.M. and Chrysler have borrowed $19.4 billion since December and are being overseen by the Obama administration’s auto industry task force, the companies say the government played no role in determining how many dealers, and which ones, to eliminate. The Treasury Department also said as much in statements released Thursday and Friday.

Regardless of who made the decisions, dealers whose names ended up on the wrong list say their livelihoods have been shattered.”

If I was a Republican running against Obama I would enlist the army of 1,889 taxpaying business men and women who lost their GM and Chrysler dealerships to the Obama Keynesian Model of top down government intrusion.

There is probably no better suited group of people to go on television or speaking tours than business owners who are known for making commercials for their products, especially if they have been abused by what they thought was their own government.

Welcome Crony Chicago Capitalism.

I talked to a local Chrysler dealer back in 2009 when Obama and Car Czar Steve Rattner started this dissembling of dealerships in order to enhance sales. He lost his profitable Chrysler franchise and had a compelling story to tell. Now is the time.

More Harvard geniuses – less dealerships = profits, right?

So let Uncle Obama regulate what is left of the US car industry:


“America’s auto dealers support continuous improvement in the fuel economy of the fleet of vehicles that drive on the nation’s roads. To this end, we are concerned that adding about $3,000 to the average cost of a car will price millions of Americans out of the market, which could reduce fleet turnover and delay environmental gains.”

Less dealerships, the remaining ones hand-picked by government experts, selling cars that are $3,000.00, on average, more, to 100,000 people turned out of work at Chrysler alone by the Obama Car Czar – another Obama success story.

Buddy can you spare a trillion.