I Believe In Small Government - No, Really

I just got a frantic call from Pittsburg, Pa. a friend down there was furious at a news clip on today showing Pres. Barack Soetoro Hussein Obama proposing to streamline the Federal government and he needed somewhere to vent. So we chatted politics until he clamed down.

Funny, streamline might mean different things to different people.

So was Barry Obama pandering to that “Stupid” demographic during his now full time, except for vacations, re-election campaign?

Are enough voters in America really ready to believe Obama wants to streamline government after three years of growing the Federal employee rolls?

But then again, today is Friday the 13th. Is this date a connection to bad things happening such as “streamlining” to Obama means “dictatorial powers” to be handed the lame duck president?

Could Obama be trying out a stand-up comedy routine like former Senator Arlen Spector is working on?

Shouldn’t the President have made this streamlining speech on April 1st? It would be more appropriate and honest.