MADD As Hell

Here is a story about how New Hampshire protects their beloved non-resident voters so we can fake the rest of the country into believing our elections mean something. (Did I predict it?)

Enter the League of Left Wing Women Voters who are now exposed by their not-so-bright rapid response to Project Veritas being handed NH Open Primary ballots like candy on Halloween. Trick or treat!

The League wants the Attorney General’s Office of New Hampshire to prosecute investigative journalists who showed what lack of voter ID does even in the smallest of states. And they are MADD!! (Mothers Accepting Deceased Democrats.)

This chapter of MADD, along with Mayor Teddy Gatsus who has also shown the courage to demand prosecution of those who would upset the crooked apple cart, are some of the reasons James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas came to New Hampshire in the first place. ( More to come.)

Go ahead and prosecute, make O’Keefe’s day as well as a richly deserved national spotlight!

We have barely popped the lid off New Hampshire’s Primary scam.

If NH winds up with Voter ID, the AG exposed, the SoS exposed, elected officials exposed, and other supporters of voter fraud exposed, resident, domiciled voters are the big winners.

Then maybe we deserve to have a Presidential Primary.

Until then, we don’t.