Oh Mr. O'Keefe

Right now, the powers that be-letting-voter-fraud-exist in New Hampshire are being urged by the pro-voter fraud community to "investigate" you and yours for violations of our irrelevant Election Laws.

An investigation would be the best thing for New Hampshire citizens. NH taxpayers would get an unflinching look at our State government in inaction.

No issue, since a member the NH State Supreme Court was caught trying to rig his divorce through selection of a sympathetic judge, is as important as voter fraud.

Voter fraud is the same as a NH Supreme Court justice trying to determine the outcome of his divorce. No one would have guessed it could happen. Proving something such as judicial misconduct is like catching lightening in a bottle. But the judge was caught and a public spectacle of epic proportions opened up how the court works for the public to see.

If the NH Attorney Generals Office does want to procede with a case the discovery portion of the case will be enlightening. 

I suggest you call one "Bud Fitch as a witness and ask him about the cases of voter fraud he did not feel warranted prosecution - when yours does.

You could ask for the file regarding Rep Chuck Weed of Keene who was involved in passing out fake election documents - Bud was there investigating - but not prosecuting.

And don't forget confessed vote fraudster Geoff Wetrosky. File a motion for discovery for how he paid his landlord, Democrat party Chair Kathy Sullivan. The AG must have that information - if they investigated that case.

Selective prosecution to protect voter fraud investigations but no prosecution of real voter fraud should be a major part of your defense. And maybe a civil rights suit.