Freedom Of The Press: To Cover Up

Let’s put a lid on this ugly voter fraud rumor. How about some fantasy stories about how NH investigates voter fraud diligently.

Oh, here is the latest:

Funny this story mentions 2006, 2008, and 2010.

How about November 2005? That is almost 2006.

Wasn’t 2005 the year Geoff Wetrosky, South Dakota professional campaigner, paid by John Kerry, to come to NH and run the Bob Baines campaign, voted in Manchester?

I think it was.

Didn’t Geoff Wetrosky use the then Democrat Party Chairman’s address at 192 South Mammoth Rd. as his “domicile” for voting purposes?

Is 192 South Mammoth Rd. a rental property?

Did Geoff Wetrosky have a rent bill, phone bill, or something other than a South Dakota driver’s license to vote in Manchester?

And didn’t the Manchester Police catch Geoff Wetrosky stealing political signs from the Guinta campaign and Republican Party?

After South Dakota resident campaign worker Geoff Wetrosky was chased all throughout Manchester, didn’t he end up taking the stolen signs to 192 South Mammoth Rd. where he confessed to police he was leaving NH after the election, after already voting here?

Did the Manchester Police or Attorney General’s Office prosecute Geoff Wetrosky?

Geoff Wetrosky gave a FALSE address to election officials and VOTED.

So how are we now going to prosecute the Project Veritas journalists?

They didn’t vote?