With Voter Fraud, Truth Is Always The First Victim

You all have seen the video of a Philadelphia Black Panther strutting around in front of a polling place with a police baton, right? If not, you are pretty much a novice at how, in reality, elections in America are conducted.

You have to believe your lying eyes once in a while because there is nothing we all want more than clean elections, unicorns, lollypops, and puppy breath. Oh it is hard to accept. But clean elections don’t just happen.

Recently in New Hampshire we had a visit from Project Veritas, of James O’Keefe fame.

His local, in-state, NH resident investigative journalists, put a sting on some polling places by simply asking about ballots of deceased voters still on checklists during the NH Presidential Primary Scam we run here.

This sting was so devastating in its simplicity that all the people who like rigged elections, which by design favor non-resident voters and liberals, they are belching up excuses for what happened and uttering guttural threats of prosecution as revenge.

But there once was a time New Hampshire had investigative journalists who staked out and stalked any hint of voter fraud if it could in any way be connected to the Republican Party.

My friend Chuck McGee could tell you about that – but let me.

The “phone jamming” case went from 2002 right up until 2009 and was the rallying cry for the Democrats in two election cycles while they vetoed Voter ID and tried to bankrupt our state.

The Manchester Paper even called Chuck when the news broke to get some info about the case that a Federal judge later said “was not a fit” for the type of “vindictive prosecution” the feds had hoped for.

The “investigative journalism” in the phone jamming case turned out to be mostly “imaginative journalism” aimed a BushChenyRoveScooter, as they used to call their target.

They had to settle with Chuck’s scalp for foolishly starting, then attempting to stop, a commercial dial and hang up operation aimed at various Democrat offices that share phone lists for get-out-the-vote activities. No one was deprived of a vote, according to testimony and no one disenfranchised came forward.

Not so much investigating now for the facts behind New Hampshire’s election laws and same-day registration scheme.

In fact, the wish that this would all go away is starting to appear in the few papers that acknowledge any sting happened.

The Secretary of Sate and AG’s Office are suddenly very forthcoming in news print about how they are always striving for a fair system - even better that the almost perfect one we have.

And everyone wants Voter Identification Legislation – but the language in the bill is never quite right (wink, wink).