Would The REAL NH Voter Please Stand Up

Have you seen the Project Veritas video yet?

Have you watched how the investigative journalists working with James O'Keefe, NH residents all, asked if a name was on the checklist?

Notice how the ballot clerks look down, state the name and address on the checklist, and announce the Party of the deceased voter, then offer a NH Open Primary Ballot?

The Project Veritas journalists then say: "Let me go to my car and get my identification" and never come back and vote.

Well I have some news for ya.

All they had to do was go "outside" and get their ID, state they intended to live in that town and they could register - same day - and vote.

That is how our system works. And there isn't damn thing a ballot clerk could do about it. What’s the fuss?

So I wonder if during the next voter fraud sting Project Veritas is doing in NH they might look at that angle.

Here is how it would work under NH Election Law:

Step 1. Just walk up to any ballot clerk on any state election in New Hampshire, in any town, and announce the name of one of the thousands of registered non-resident voters or deceased voters currently on a checklist. Then, just as in the last sting, walk away saying you need ID.

Step 2. Go and get your ID, any will do, get back in a different line and ask to register same-day. Show a valid ID from anywhere and "promise" to move to that town. You will be given a same day registration form to fill out. Return the form filled out and get your ballot.

You are now a “perfectly legal” New Hampshire voter just like thousands of other same-day voters. But be careful because voting IN MORE THAN ONE STATE is currently illegal in NH, RSA 659:34-a. I have no idea if NH would pursue anyone voting twice by voting in another state but at least we define it as illegal, for now.

Being on a NH checklist you could, for instance, in the next election, call up a friend to go to that municipality and vote in your place, or get a buddy in the dorm to vote for you. Who would check – no one. How would they?

And there is not a damn thing anyone will do about it anyway - unless they challenge you, which puts them at risk of investigation under RSA 659:27-a. I know, because I was threatened with such an action.

How about that First in the Nation Open Primary!