Thank You Al Sharpton - Keep Voter Fraud Alive In The News

Help comes from the strangest places:

As of this video, the conservative NH voter’s best friend in exposing voter fraud is Al Sharpton, with the help of non-stop voter fraud denier, Nashua City Clerk, Paul Bergeron.

Keep hope alive for us here in NH Al! The local press has pretty much written off voter fraud again because it isn’t “phone jamming.”

Phone Jamming – Definition: Something about calling and hanging up on Democrat Party HQ when Firemen are using Democrat lists to get out the vote. Phone Jamming is worth seven years of news in NH, and eight months in prison for one guy, even though no one was prevented from voting nor has anyone ever been a victim of phone jamming, which is not a crime.

Oh the wonderful years when NH investigative journalists worked the phone jamming case until its eventual death. We had in depth out of state interviews, court documents, testimony and editorials. One reporter from a paper in Manchester was the point man regarding phone jamming voter fraud and had no trouble defining it as news worthy.

One week after NH makes national news about how our state has engineered the most lax election laws in the northern hemisphere and it is getting a bit hard to find it in the fish wrappers.

Thank you Al Sharpton!!!

And thank these cartoon bears as well!