Voter Fraud Deniers Really Do Exist

There is an old Chinese saying that goes like this:

“If you wait by the river long enough, the body of your enemy floats by.”

For twelve years the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers has collected examples of voter fraud, even though we quickly found out the Secretary of State and AG’s Office wanted NOTHING to do with it.

I even approached columnist John Fund, who was writing a book about voter fraud – so he said. His book, when I read it, had nothing about New Hampshire to speak of and I wasted my time with him. I suspect he must have talked to a friend in office in NH because that is the standard response here.

I took a three inch binder full of voter fraud proof to San Francisco during a convention which I knew Fund was attending. I went over most of it with him.

I sat next to Fund at one of Grover’s Wednesday Meetings in DC. When he turned and saw me he said, “Oh, you’re the voter fraud guy.” By then I knew he was not interested.

This has been a common theme here in NH. Municipal and State officials just want everything as is. They want this phony primary so bad, and the publicity that goes with it, they will ignore anything that upsets the ballot cart.

Too bad!