A Newt Walks Into A Bar, He Sees A King, And The King Says..

Maybe the Main Stream Media has crossed a bridge too far.

In a handful of minutes Newt Gingrich dismantled CNN/Democrat operative John King, done, over, steamrolled.

Could this be the marker in time when it will be standard operating procedure to nominate Republican candidates who will push back at the time honored media's selective destruction of one party and fawning admiration and cover-ups for the other?

Ron Paul has no time for idiot reporters. He walks away.

Newt started the habit of calling out the media in one of the first debates.

Rick Santorum has fought back, as did Herman Cain.

Sarah Palin cut the news media to pieces and left them asking for more. She is the shining example of how to deal with news jackals.

If the next round of Republican Presidential candidates do this well CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and the dwindling liberal magazines may have to find someone a bit smarter than the wimpy John King to take on Republicans.

King comes out swinging at the CNN debate and asks Newt Gingrich, far his intellectual superior and just as ruthless, if he wants to talk about his ex-wife and her most recent revelations regarding their 1990’s divorce.

Gingrich sank into his wing tips, dug in his heals and let fly. You have to see the video of the crowd at a standing ovation behind John King to understand how bad Newt slaughtered King.

I saw a story this morning where John King said he knew it was coming but that is a lie.

King did not as a direct question about the divorce or the even juicier “open marriage” issue.

No, King asked if Newt wanted to “take some time to respond to that.”

Now THAT is just plain stupid.

It seems that the disgusting, self-serving MSM has lowered the level of candidates from Republican ranks to only those people willing to have their personal lives torn apart and has, at the same time, unwittingly, lowered the IQ of their own talking heads sent into the fray.

This is a good thing.