Newt Meets The Press

I had the unique opportunity to see a video a friend has of Connie Chung coming to the place he works to do an attack piece for 60 Minutes. The company filmed being filmed to protect themselves.

The video should be mandatory viewing for anyone wanting to see how the sausage is unmade.

Chung came to this facility that cares for extremely disabled children where CBS had discovered the use of electric shock devices used to keep some residents from harming themselves and others.

Her single question: "How much money do you spend on batteries to shock the children?"

Parents in the audience were beyond furious because they assumed Chung would ask about how well cared for their children were because they were not drugged and warehoused for dollars. In fact, Chung had promised parents she would do so, according to the video.

This video is worth its weight in exposure gold for how the press treats a target.

Connie Chung did the sting interview on Newt's mother a few years back for those of you who do not remember.

And now we have ABC's Brian Ross interviewing Newt's second ex-wife in a gotcha sting.

How do I know it was a set-up?

Why didn't Ross ask if Newt asked in plain language for an "open marriage" instead of letting the ex frame the 15 year old conversation between the two? (It looked like Ross had his hand down his own pants if you watch closely. At least that would explain the grin on his mug.)

Brian Ross didn't ask the second Mrs. Gingrich about Gingrich being married when SHE took up with him. I thought that was odd.

Who cares now? The ABC gotcha interview delivered Newt a double edged sword with which he slayed them, CNN, that moderator, and Romney.

Newt Gingrich should send ABC something nice for all the help.