Nasty Pelosi And The Golden Dirt

Either her handlers are holding their heads in their hands because the San Fran Ding Bat let the cat out of the bag again or they are in the same bind because she knows nothing about some dirt from Newt’s past.

The “knows nothing” reference is more likely because it is Nancy Pelosi dishing alleged secret dirt on Newt Gingrich. And in Washington, the accusation alone is just as serious as the facts.

In any case, keep flapping those gums Nancy. What a fundraiser for Newt you are.

Then again, Nancy Pelosi has a few resources for dirt on Newt most people do not have. Remember she was on a House Ethics Committee of some sort which looked for any dirt they could find on Newt when he was in Congress.

Come to think of it, Nancy Pelosi must also have access to the FBI files Hillary had her thug steal when she was in the White House. Apparently, Hillary and Bill had more than an open marriage. They had an open filing cabinet agreement as well.

Remember Hillary “Security Thug” Craig Livingston and the 900 stolen FBI files which turned up in Hillary’s White House office? You think they have gone away? You don’t steal 900 FBI files on Congressmen and not use them. You squirrel them away for future use.

What better time then now?

Come on Nancy, dish, dish, dish. Its too late to turn back now.