I Think McCain Is Hoping Obama Dumps Biden

and picks him in VP in 2012.

What a ticket THAT would be!

Fresh off endorsing Romney and there by proving Romney has a tin ear for the politics of gaining favor with conservatives, C trundles off to MSNBC to lament the fact that "hispanics" don't trust Republicans.

Thank you Mr. Irrelevant for still doing as much damage as possible.

Oh, and McCain didn't stop there. He is predicting that most southern states will soon lose Republican control in a few years.

This means in short: Republicans will NEVER get "hispanic" votes. McCain is always an optimist for Democrats - sort of like Charles Krauthhammer.

Good old John McCain, always there to help out his Party - and badmouth the Tea Party for that matter. But I digress.

Now I know enough about Mitt Romney and other Establishment Republicans like Dole, Daddy Bush, McCain, to know they will say anything to try to convince me they are conservatives. So I am never disappointed when they flip and barter away their credibility and souls for some crumb the socialists offer. I am way past that.

So it is no surprise Mccain is out and spouting about.

And it is no surprise Romney is stuck at the Establishment 25%

Circle and fire inwards you idiots.