A Candidate Forum We Can All Learn From

Randall Terry should have seen it coming.

Randall was set up for a “glitter bombing” by a performance artist posing as a Democrat Presidential Primary event for lesser known candidates held at, the now pretty much disgraced, St Asomething College.

I had a friend in the audience at the time of this joke of an event and he was looking for some contact with legitimate candidates. He lamented to me the lack of credible answers by the supposed candidates. He described it as  appalling.

Yesterday, I saw this bit of political theater had been filmed for, and was on, a cable station.

The first thing I noticed was how many cameramen were crouched on the floor in front of the mostly phony candidates, as though it was a real forum, which it was not. The questioners were part of the joke as much as the performers.

Maybe it is an attempt at showing how engaging in a Democrat Party Primary race, no matter how feeble, against the current office holder is so absolutely futile that a substitute forum of nonsense is the only alternative. If that was the goal it worked well – except for Randall Terry – who fits the description of a modern Social Democrat as much as Huntsman fits the definition of a Conservative Republican. Mr. Terry is anti-homosexual marriage and the St. A’s forum was also anti-anyone anti-homosexual marriage.

Terry was seated in the perfect location for the “glitter bombing” which is a technique of assaulting an opponent without being charged with assault. The belittling of any political opponent in a “glitter bombing” is also a huge draw for liberals. For them it is irresistible to have an anti-homosexual opponent in a forum of their choosing and control, and not do something like this. That is just one more of the predictable and boring aspects of the rabid homosexual lobby.

Randall Terry has dealt with the professional homosexual marriage lobby for a long time and should have known better. So he sat and took the glittering like a trooper – as he should. It was his fault to walk into a left wing event in the first place.

As for St. Asomething.

The performance artist they featured and sat next to Randall Terry has publicly slandered Terry in an effort to gain press for himself and demean Mr. Terry. I think they should have taken this into consideration before pretending he was a candidate. Because they have not I would say they are guilty of a political set-up against a candidate that should keep most people away from their events.

At CNHT we have to make decisions regarding so-called fringe candidates every election cycle. This year we refused entry to one Republican candidate who was threatening to sue us.

We did not let a candidate we did not like into our Coalition of NH Taxpayers event just to glitter bomb him, silly string, him, or shout him down. Our events offer fringe candidates a fair a shot as any other.

St. Asomething and the homosexual marriage activists who ran this event should try and act like adults.