Buchanan Suspended From MSNBC

And he should be so lucky!

I went to the communist web site that is taking credit for selling a ton of books for Pat Buchanan and here is what they post:

More than 275,000 members of ColorOfChange.org and CREDO Action called on MSNBC to stop giving Pat Buchanan a platform to push white supremacist ideology. Now Buchanan is suspended indefinitely from the network.

 "ColorOfChange.org welcomes MSNBC's decision to indefinitely suspend Pat Buchanan," said ColorOfChange.org Executive Director Rashad Robinson. "However, it’s time for MSNBC to permanently end their relationship with Pat Buchanan...”

If MSNBC really did receive 275,000 calls to dump Pat Buchanan that would certainly mean something, owing to the fact that MSNBC doesn’t even have that many viewers in a full week of programs.

The bigger point is that communists never understand market forces no matter how hard they tantrum. (Allow me to make tantrum a verb.)

If Pat has just released another book as I have heard, the hub-bub about his suspension will only help him sell more hardbacks.

Now back to the important 275,000 calls MSNBC took from angry communists.

Suppose each call was from a tent or cardboard box in a park located in every American city.

Now suppose that each tent had several communists living inside on free food from the local shelter and la-te-da restaurant dumpsters. Imagine several  young communists were screaming into the phone while the call was being made.

Now that is saying something more meaningful than even a drum circle.

MSNBC had to cave in to the power of the tantrum because they are lefties and Buchanan had to leave, even if he makes a bundle doing it.

Capitalism always prevails. You can’t beat the 1% at their own game.