Here's Your NH Resident Poll Tax

Ain’t gonna pay dat pole tax baby!

That’s right, non-resident “mobile domiciled voters” will not have to sit on a jury like a real taxpaying New Hampshire resident does.


500-A:1 Definitions. – In this chapter:
I. "Clerk'' means the clerk of the superior court in each county or judicial district or any of his deputies.
II. "Court'' means the superior court and regional jury trial courts.
III. "Department'' means the New Hampshire department of safety.
IV. "Master jury list'' means the list blended and compiled by the administrative office of the courts from the voter lists and from the official record of persons who hold a current New Hampshire driver's license or a department of safety identification card, which shall be provided to the office by the department.
V. "Office'' means the administrative office of the courts.
VI. "Voter lists'' means the official record of persons registered to vote in the most recent state general election and town lists, which are the combined and alphabetically arranged lists prepared by the selectmen and city wards for their respective jurisdictions made up of all adults listed on the voter registration lists, and provided to the office by the selectmen and city wards.


Inferior Court Judge Moonbat Lewis, with the help of three Supreme Court Crooks, are making RESIDENT NH voters pay a POLL TAX, unlike “mobile domiciled voters.”

Don’t like the way you are being treated, real NH residents?

Here are some options:

1. Join an effort to rid New Hampshire of the First in the Nation Presidential

Primary – as we are too corrupt to have earned it.

2. Vote against any person or party that makes NH citizens pay a JURY POLL TAX!

3. Ask all candidates to denounce non-resident voting and abide by the NH Constitution.

4. Join an effort to have TERM LIMITED, ELECTED Judges in NH – they want to play politics, let’s see how many votes they get.

5. Why not elect the AG and Secretary of State as well? They have squandered their authority over NH elections.