Phone Jamming?

Phone jamming is not as bad as "poll jamming" because you can have poll jamming without a corrupt court system involved to provide, protect, and promote it.

Enter Judge Moonbat Lewis, he who says one can be a resident of another state but be "mobile domiciled" to vote here, as long as you are a college student paying out-of-state tuition.

Now Moonabt Lewis didn't write into NH law the real mobile domiciled voter, he was only interested in college students as "mobile domiciled voters".

Judge Moonbat Lewis forgot about people who own CAMPERS in NH. Campers are true mobile domiciles and should be afforded the same right to steal a real NH resident's vote as a non-resident college student.

And Judge Moonbat Lewis forgot to add wealthy Republican owners of SUMMER HOMES to the list of newly minted mobile domiciled voters in NH.

Hey, non-resident campers and out of state summer home owners!

New Hampshire just became the BALLOT BOX of New England!

Hop on board.