And The Music Is Bad

Well, its Monday and time for…the most irrelevant news in the world of politics!

Almost every news outlet thinks it is hip and sassy to show excerpts of Saturday Night Live on Mondays as though it is interesting. SNL once was a comedy show which died long, long ago, for those who have never heard of it.

Why not re-post some other political sat-tired material called, Doonesbury? Yep, that coma strip is still in some papers.

How can anyone survive not knowing what the unfunny far left is laughing about each week? I know I could.

The last time SNL had any rating worth charging advertizing space for was when Governor Sarah Palin was on in person.

I suggest we have a new show called “Saturday Night Doonesbury.”

Libs can fake laugh all the way to the bank where they will go for a declined loan before they have to ask for taxpayer subsidies to keep both going.

Did the real dinosaurs take this long to die off?

Please, enough with the propping up of low class comedy and off-putting satire in what is left of the nations news outlets.