Piker Hikers

We have, from the pages of Fosters, a heartwarming story of an imbecile abroad.

Enter Nikole Rene Souza, of Dover, NH who was “almost thrown into a Chinese prison” but escaped after paying off phony police officers.


The rub in the story of this mountain adventurer is that the phony Chinese police had no prison to taker her to - lucky for this silly adventurer, who seems to have a great travel story and have learned nothing from it.

Here is a sample of what a person with a brain and some experience would take from a similar event:

1. Have people you trust or can verify the position and who have credibility, escort your foolish self through a foreign country, especially a communist, third world country.

2. “Pretty cool ideas” of young American travelers are rather tired and worn to those who see so many foolish adventurers trudge across their landscape. Not many young people have original ideas these days. That is not what you learn in American colleges. (So the phony soldiers were waiting for you, ya think?)

3. Now you know what is like to deal with most zoning or planning or the EPA.

4. Grow up. You are lucky we are not looking for bodies.