Dare To Ask

Hey, Frank Luntz, how about asking a relevant question of your many focus groups.

Try this:

1. How many of you voted for Barack Hussein Obama in 2008?

2. And how many of you will not vote for him again?

3. Of those who have changed their minds, exactly what was the turning point? What happened, in detail, to sour you on the One? Where were you when the light came on?

I think it would be informational to spend the last several weeks categorizing all the things Obama has done to our country that made former supporters turn on him.

My bet would be that it was the spending, borrowing, and debt we can never pay back.

You know, the issues that made over one million people march in the street in DC right after Obama took charge and began ramming through his socialist agenda, with the help of a Democrat majority.

I think pollsters forget that, or fear to bring it up.

And I know “undecided voters” are full of crap.

“Undecided voters” are just trying to feel important about their vote. And when questioned, most of these people can’t answer a simple question or come up with a relevant fact that is a fact, or an event that really happened.