Go "Fix" Something Else

My, my, my, we need to “Fix the Debt” all of a sudden and we have some interesting personalities stepping up to the plate to address this very important issue – which sprang up over night, apparently.

Tax and spend Lou Dellasandro is on board with a, Fix the Debt, team. He is sure to have some wonderful ideas since he knows how to raise debt.

And the “not quite ready for the Obama administration” player, Judd Gregg, is a strong supporter of “Fix the Debt.” How fast did Judd jump at the chance to get on the Obama wagon before he flopped out?

No, I think there is already a “fix the debt” commission, movement, program, whatever you call it, and it is full swing.

It has a name.

We call the “Fix the Debt” group, the TEA PARTY.

They are off to a good start, don’t get paid, and mean what they say.

So thanks, but no thanks to the failed tax and spenders who spent us here to the brink of fiscal insanity.

The troops are on the way. They are organized and have taken out many tax and spend politicians along the way so far.

I know the Associated Press is excited about spenders fighting spending, but sane voters know better.

Can’t wait for their next press release.