Press #1 For Alinsky

It seems the more I say I am voting for Obama, and recently for Hassan, the more calls I get from pollsters.

The first poll call I got came in on the house line from American Research a few weeks back. I was an enthusiastic Obama supporter!

I got another call where you punch a number on the phone, #1 for Obama, #2 for Romney.

Each time I responded like a chimp for a grape when the next question came up.

But when I punched #1 for Obama in a one on one question about who I would vote for as president a “Thank You” was the immediate response, unlike the other questions. (Oh, how sneaky they are.)

My wife had a polling outfit call her cell phone as we went into The Corner Store for lunch. She sat in our car and dutifully answered all their questions for about ten minutes. She was also an enthusiastic Obama supporter!

And just the other day I was polled about abortion. I punched the numbers saying I am NOT supporting any weakening of abortion rights that liberals hold so dear. But I was voting for Maggie Hassan for governor. (What pigeon hole am I in now?)

I feel so proud to have done my civic duty and I am ready to answer the call any time some left wing polling outfit comes a calling.

And on a similar note:

A friend up the road calls me regularly asking if I can assure him Obama will lose and I always tell him yes. Here is why.

If by some miracle this fool is re-elected, what does he really win? Even Obama must know he is doomed. There is no more money to borrow and give away.

Then he says he is concerned by the polls, and that he had gotten a call.

So I asked, “What did you tell them?” He said he was going to vote for Obama.

And so it goes.