I Pledge To Pledge When It Serves My Agenda

I have a copy of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” which was signed by John Lynch when he ran for office the first time.

But I have no “Pledge” from Maggie Hassan.

And she wants to carry on the Lynch Legacy? (Endless photo-ops.)

“What, you say?” but I heard Maggie all over the campaign trail offering her pledge to not support broad based taxes.

Maggie could have taken the “Pledge” long ago in her tax and spend political career but he hasn’t, not that I have a copy of. It is quite painless.

So what gives?

It isn’t that easy – unless the liberal base you are pandering to for donations recoils in typical knee-jerk fashion at the mention of a pledge.

Not all pledges are a bad thing if they are the “right pledge.”

Ask any liberal if they will pledge to support homosexual “marriage” or environmental “protection” regulations.

How about pledging to support education spending? Do you think a liberal will say no?

Liberals take pledges all the time or in NH they will not get the centrally collected campaign cash from the central campaign planners.

NH tax and spenders take pledges all right, quiet and sneaky pledges.

Look at it this way.

How can a moonbat legislator vote for all the liberal taxing and spending, every time, without taking some sort of a pledge to someone?

Why that would be an interesting question to ask when the subject of pledges come up.