Is THIS How You GOT Bin Laden?

The swaggering braggart who “Got Bin Laden” may have a tough time capitalizing on the traps set by the previous administration for the Islamic terrorist Obama had quietly buried with dignity at sea.

The way I see it is that Obama was in office when our military caught up with Bin Laden after years of searching, creating leads, capturing associates and cutting off his funds. No thanks to any extraordinary moves by Obama I know of. Wouldn’t they be showing off the special efforts made by Obama to kill Bin Laden? That would have been leaked to friends in the press instantly.

But the current administration must take full responsibility for getting involved in a civil war in Libya and letting our makeshift, unprotected embassy be overrun as well as employees and ambassador get murdered – possibly tortured, in the process.

There was a day liberals loved exploiting what the eagerly called water-boarding/torture, water-boarding which gave up info critical to Osama’s demise.

When it was time to make a critical decision regarding saving the lives of a US ambassador, two former Navy SEALS and an employee, no one, not one over-educated academic or career politician in the Obama crowd had the guts to make the proper call.

Not even the “smartest woman in the world” over at The State Department had the guts to do anything that would upset anyone’s political careers or schemes for power.

But as usual, we have been offered lies upon lies from the best liars in American politics – Obama’s Chicago/Harvard Brain Trust.

Gone are the days when Obama could get a Nobel Prize for nothing but his race and socialist/communist leanings.

The rubber hit the road in Libya and the One came up short. That is what surrounding oneself with Ivy League yes men does in the end. Good people die for no reason at all and no one takes responsibility.