Sorry - You Have To Put Up With This - Charlie

Every time I hit any site on my computer a pop up ad from Friends for Democracy has a message, a bad one, about Charlie Bass. (Never trust a liberal group hiding behind the word, democracy.)

So Looked up this PAC and I find it is fronted by a woman who has a terrible, in this case debilitating, addiction to any form of microphone or camera. No kidding.

And so Charlie Bass has to suffer from the addiction to the public eye of some moonbat who has been affiliated with just about every left wing organization known to the world of corrupt PACs. She is saving the rain forest one day and making up stories about anyone who she doesn’t deem worthy of elected office. That would mean, non-socialist.

When left wing political experts come a knocking in NH doling out false accusations about a person like Charlie Bass, who most of us have gotten to know over the years, do they really believe NH voters are nursing bruises from a fall from a turnip truck and we are just crowded around our computer screens waiting for silly attack ads so we can decide who to vote for?

I find that hard to believe. NH voters see all kinds of candidates and fly-by-knight “political experts” every two years.

My guess is that the head mouthpiece for this Media Matters shill group has a plump 1% lefty sugar-daddy who is willing to waste a bundle on attacking Congressman Bass with some of the dumbest ads I have seen this election cycle.

That has to be it. No one with any political sense is going to link Charlie Bass with “Big Oil” and think it will have any effect.

Why not try accusing Charlie of teasing Bigfoot, like on those beef jerky ads, now that would work better.

Or maybe doctor up a photo of Charlie netting dolphins and stuffing them in tuna cans. That might work.

But the negative ads plastered all over the internet attacking Bass are probably only “successful” if the person creating them is getting a hefty kickback on each one, otherwise these attack ads just don’t make sense.