If A Communist Set You On Fire, Who Would You Tell?

I read some of the English language papers from South Africa because the liberals there are just like the liberals here and comparing their knee-jerk habits is always enlightening.

South Africa is a communist country.

Recently, South African police mowed down, with automatic gunfire, 34 miners who were staging a strike for more pay. The miners were unarmed – as is the custom in communist countries.

There is evidence that an ANC (communist party) leader was in touch with the mining company about how to handle the “criminal” miners just before the shooting.

And there is no call in liberal US or European circles for sanctions against communists who kill union miners. That is because the murders were committed by communists and South Africa’s wealthy 1% who now work together to control that sad, violent country.

And in the same paper, in the “World” section, is the story about the poor little Louisiana girl who was set on fire by the KKK. Communists love to read about how racist America is almost as much as American communists and progressives enjoy that subject – it is a basic belief of all communists.

The girl, who apparently had set herself on fire and accused the KKK, whether there was one around to do this kind of crime or not, obviously has some emotional issues and will be given a lot of time off by the press to quietly figure them out. There is no need to keep checking up on her for more info about the faked assault by American racists the media in America and South Africa are always peering under their beds for.

For the left-leaning and communist news media, world wide, its on to the next racist story about racists, be they real or not, reporters all feel a need to report on a regular basis how bad racism is in America.

The 34 dead miners were all black, by the way, in case any journalists are reading this and keeping score in their little note pads of racist news.