Obama Was Popular Once, A Long Time Ago

I was minding my own business and listening to some radio station when a commercial came on featuring NH Governor Popular Lynch!

He was actually shilling for…Barack Obama.

You heard it right, Governor Popular Lynch was taking a stand on something. I was shocked. I don’t believe I have ever heard Popular take such a bold stand on something in eight long years.

Oh, I expected a photo-op from GovPop but never a voice to go along with that Joker smile.

“Politics makes strange things happen to fence-sitters”. Is that the old saying?

How desperate was Obama to reach out to GovPop for that huge endorsement?

How bold of GovPop to take a stand.

Was there a trade? What was in the trade?

Could DC be waiting for a mover and shaker like GovPop in a second Obama misadministration?

Will they take the NH newspapers along with him to provide glowing press releases and stories of tapping maple trees and endless ribbon cutting?

I don’t know.

But I do know this simple truth:

If Washington DC needs an expert to sand by while they spend and borrow trillions of dollars and not say a thing against it, GovPop is the pixie for the job.