Won't See This In The Papers

If you are a New Hampshire resident and voter you may be interested in what happened in Strafford Superior Court today.

Superior Court Judge Lewis has found that the Plaintiff in the case, who wishes to allow non-resident voters access to your ballot, should have a clean shot at recruiting out of state college students, at least for this election.

The Plaintiff is the NH League of Women Voters and some non-resident student pawns.

Judge Lewis has taken an NHACLU Petition for Injunctive Relief and signed off on it to stop an amendment to an election law from having an effect on this election. The election law is claimed to be putting a “chill” on student registration – out of state student registration.

That is the “harm” done to the NHLWV and why Lewis has stopped implementation of the law.

I filed a Motion to Intervene. Judge Lewis denied it, as I knew he probably would.

Judge Lewis found that:

Recruiting non-resident students to vote in THIS election was more important than The Coalition of NH Taxpayers ten year quest for clean elections and that the “chill” in recruitment was a “harm” to the NHLWV – something required for Injunctive Relief.

CNHT has been documenting voter fraud, especially non-resident student voter fraud, for a decade. Lewis was not compelled to see that as anything other than “interesting” and he said he would take it into consideration.

I explained to Judge Lewis that the documentation of non-resident voting I put in my pleadings, the ones “interesting” was on point as to the issue in this case..

The documentation of voter fraud I submitted was FROM the NH Attorney General’s 2001 investigation of non-resident student voting, but they had chosen NOT to use any documentation in their “defense’ of the anti-fraud statute.

Lewis denied me standing for a Motion to Intervene, so I left his courtroom. Why stay in a room full of liars and vote thieves, plus I was hungry and had not eaten breakfast.

Lewis called out to me to stay as I went out the door but I told him I got what I came for.

In any case, Lewis is only going through the motions, pun intended, in the mess he created by stopping the Legislature from protection NH citizens votes. He was only acting like a one armed paper-hanger working with toilet tissue.

The State Supreme Court took jurisdiction away from this incompetent judge several days ago.