But Who Will Watch The Watchers

I can’t believe it wasn’t taken already but I have registered a Trade Name with the New Hampshire Secretary of State - Corporate Division.

Registering a trade name puts one in the position of being recognized by all parties hither and yon as the LEGITIMATE entity and not a phony-baloney.

For the paltry sum of $50 dollars – 40% borrowed from China, one can have a certified, copy of the Trade name you have chosen.

This way no other poser can come to New Hampshire and claim to be who you are, no way.

So it is with great pleasure and little fanfare I am announcing my new New Hampshire Secretary of State – Corporate Division Trade Name of my new, let’s call it, our, fledgling non-profit.

Are you ready…

From now on, me and my fellow members are to be known as the –

U.N. Inspectors.

It’s all legit. No left wing, pro-communist, Islamic terrorist supporting, America hating, collection of US tax dollar funded layabouts can claim they are the real U.N.Inspectors.

And if any unlawful, illegal, unauthorized group of individuals claims to be “inspecting” a New Hampshire election WE will be inspecting them.

So if anyone within the rather large reach of this web site spots some tofu chewing, sandals and socks wearing, turbaned, unwashed poser sneaking around a New Hampshire polling place, please report him, her, or the one in transition, to the real New Hampshire U.N. Inspectors.

Thank you in advance for your participation. Your action could save New Hampshire from the indignity of being falsely inspected by the unworthy.

Other states election officials have shown an interest arresting unlawful election “inspectors.”

Here in the Granite State we do not have the luxury of a pro-active AG or Secretary of Sate willing to protect NH voters, never have, so we have to do it all by ourselves.