Make Them Confess

The single, one, most important thing most important to all liberals, progressives, moonbats and standard lefties in any state is the red hot desire for an income tax.

Oh don’t the progressives want an income tax to spend and spend.

But what would be next?

Here ya go!

If by any stupid chance New Hampshire voters let the legislature vote for, or a court impose, an income tax, the next thing is getting rid of the citizen legislature in exchange for a smaller, easily purchased, “professional” legislative body, much like…Massachusetts.

Right now our legislature is way too large to control and it isn’t full of professional politicians. But that would change in a heartbeat with a centrally collected income tax on NH citizens.

Go ahead and see for yourself. Try this simple test.

Ask any moonbat you know who wants someone else to pay his way if it isn’t time we had a smaller “professional” legislature and see how they respond.