Ovide For Governor

Finally, we have a chance to put on the Governor’s Office a stable, frugal individual and stop the “spend and cut” roller coaster we have been on since liberal Democrats, during their brief reign, tried to buy an income tax with over-spending and debt - $800 million worth.

Voters rejected that spending spree in 2010 and now we can put a nail in the coffin of the progressive income tax dream in two ways.

First on the list is a simple task. Vote for a proven fiscal conservative. We have one, Ovide Lamontagne.

Ovide is the smart choice for Governor. His opponent is a proven tax and spender.

Second, and just as important. Vote to amend the NH Constitution to prohibit the spending and borrowing trap of a state income tax.

An amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution spelling out a prohibition of an income tax is one way to prevent any court from “finding” one in some activist decision. Take a look at the recent decision to allow non-residents to vote in this election for proof of how that could happen.

Protecting the “New Hampshire Advantage” has not gone out of style.

It is time to do it again.

This registered Democrat is voting for Ovide Lamontagne.

Ed Naile


Coalition NH Taxpayers