What Does One Do With A Used Obama?

I hear a lot about polls and such from experts and all.

Here is the poll I know about, the one taken right after Obama revealed to America exactly who he is, for the most part, and what his real agenda was for our country.

For arguments sake, let’s call it the TEA Party.

Here is a video in case you forgot what happened.


I would guess about a million people marched in DC on September 12, 2009. Some say more, some say less. I don’t care. I was there and I know what I saw and I have a photo of a DC police officer counting the crowd in front of a subway exit. So somebody in officialdom knows how many people were there but I believe they just want it all to go away. Act like it never happened.

Here is my poll.

Let’s say for argument sake there are about 150 million registered voters in the US.

If one million people spontaneously showed up in DC to protest the spending and borrowing and debt imposed by the poser, that would be about 1 in every 150 people who are registered voters in our country showing up, in person, to protest what was at the time a complete take-over of our legislative system and executive branch by Democrats. And to top it off, TEA Party rallies occurred on the same day all over the country.

No one has ever seen a movement like that happen spontaneously in America, not that I know of. So how do you forget that happened and go back to polling people with phone calls to see how an election will turn out?

In New Hampshire we had a similar event take place with the total removal of the “NH Democrat Tax and Spend Advantage” in 2010.

I think that rout was directly in line with the burning desire of many NH taxpayers to get a hold of any ballot with the word, Obama, on it. 2010 lacked that opportunity so the next best thing was to punish Obama’s pals here in NH. And it was done in a very thorough fashion, except for little GovPop.

And here comes 2012 and an opportunity to make a mark in a box next to the name Obama – or not, and reward the imposter for all he has done.

My bet is a good spanking is on its way.

And what would Obama “win” if he was re-elected - more grid-lock?

He still can’t speak his real agenda out loud.

The magic is gone.

The lies fall flat.

The media is tired, shrill, somewhat crazier than normal and exposed as foolishly partisan.

Let’s get this over with.