Insanity Is Doing...

 ...the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

This is something totally different.

This extraordinary string of comments from Michael Barone is a perfect example of why Republicans lose:

Barone has RINOitis. He thinks the best thing to do after an election, a call he flubbed, is to call the Republican base, wackos.

Barone thinks compromise is the best way to “win.”

I once thought he may be a fellow conservative but just as with Peggy Noonan and a few other people infested with the sound of their own voice, Barone has shown his true political leanings – surrender to Communists because they are more aggressive that conservatives.

Maybe we need more TEA Party candidates instead of poll lizards like Michael Barone.

Hey, you were 180 degrees wrong on your expert analysis. Suck it up and admit it. You sound like a Republican Party professional.

Speaker Boehner is also badmouthing TEA Party members.

News flash, Speaker, one brand new TEA Party candidate just dumped a long time Dem in your state:

Go suck up to Obama, Mr. Boehner, and see if you are not subject to a good old-fashioned TEA Party primary in your next run.

Having been around a few years here in NH, I remember a few things other people seem to forget.

Little old me was the only real, live, voter, citizen at the old Republican Party HQ on North Main St. on the morning Gordon Humphrey announced his run for NH Governor, after being a US Senator.

Repub. Chair Steve Duprey was there with some other Repub. elites I did not know. They ignored me.

The very first question from the press was about whether Senator Humphrey was going to end abortion as Governor. I picked up on that and remember to this day.

The Democrats win cheap, decade after decade, with tired old tactics the Republicans, it seems, try not to see.

Ah, but they have the TEA Party all figured out.