Rep. Allen West Wins Back 535 Stolen Votes!

Allen West did well not to concede to his Democrat opponent in Florida.

The re-count of a small number of ballots gave a very large amount of votes to West.

Here are the numbers:

Out of 16,275 early votes counted in the Sunday re-count, Representative West got back 535 stolen votes.

If he can win in a Florida court, and that will not be easy, approval to have the other early ballots counted, then he will undoubtedly get back some 250 to win an automatic re-count statewide.

I imagine the other ballots are being sifted through right now by crooked Florida officials in case West wins this election, as it appears the voters wanted.

The trick will be getting past the court.

Election officials will not try to steal an election unless they are sure they will not be prosecuted. Welcome to New Hampshire to see how that works!

Catching the St. Lucie ballot clerks stealing 535 vote is sweet enough as it is.

When you deal with progressives and communists, only the people willing to stand up against them can win.

Colonel West has proven this already.