The Enlightened Electorate

You must certainly say that elections have consequences in America and in other countries as well.

The victors in the last election in Egypt know what they want - Sharia Law, and they have won fair and square. So be it.

Removing the pyramids and The Sphinx may seem like harsh consequences but in reality it is no more out of line than here in America where we vote to remove the ability of small businesses to operate by taxing them out of existence.

Small business is the life blood of our economy. It was once the envy of the World and supported much of other countries economies. Kinda like the Pyramids once were, but no longer.

But now, just like with Sharia Law, anything that is in conflict with the winning party must be demonized or destroyed.

If William Kristol and Peggy Noonan were Egyptians they would probably go along with dismantling just a few pyramids, at first. This would be in an effort to satisfy the new, enlightened majority of Egyptian voters who probably knew voting for the Muslim Brotherhood would mean the end of past history and tired old edifices.

American voters were not scared into voting for wild-eyed progressives with tales of slashed services, no, they were just voting to punish those “rich” people… who hire them when they need jobs.

The small businessman – enemy of the American Left.

They must be punished.

People sure are the same no matter where you have elections.