Thugs Are Thugs, Even In The "Best" Places

Here we go again.

In Philadelphia the gangsters who run the elections say what the law is and they do it every year.

The Black Panthers were not questioned or charged with election violations by the local, State, or Federal officials. Not even the vaunted UN Inspectors (Yes they ARE UN Inspectors, don’t let any liberal tell you otherwise.) wanted to have anything to do with the City of Brotherly Love.

Funny thing how smug our NH election officers are in the college towns.

They act like they be better - but they ain’t.

Take 2002 when Hanover Moderator Willie Black said the exact same thing to me when I was trying to watch the election with a Republican Party sanctioned form, under RSA 666.

She told me SHE made the rules.

And again in 2008 the Durham Moderator made two Republican poll watchers sit far enough away so as to never be able to see or hear anything, same with a polling place in Manchester.

A Superior Court stopped that action, mid-election, in 2008 and Republican poll watchers were then entitled to their rights.

In NH we have a court system that is trying to tip the scales just like in Philadelphia. See the Obama friendly ORDER by Judge Lewis granting voting status to non-residents for this year’s election. (This year only, wink, wink.)

When gangsters run elections the results are much more predictable.

When courts and prosecutors chip in on tipping the scales in favor of the gangsters, the results are undeniable.

The next time some Democrat is spouting off about winning an election, remember how they win.

NH liberals and Philadelphia gangsters are no different when it comes to election fraud.