What Did Big Bird Know And When Did He Know It

Is Sesame Street just another Penn State?

“The Voice of Elmo” a 45 year old guy named Kevin Cash has a problem on his hands. A young man says he was in an “affair” with the Sesame Street star while he was under age.

The young man reported the incident to Sesame Street big wigs and their lawyers but feel his plea for help went unheeded. Sound familiar.

The victim, alleged, has some Sesame Street emails on hand. Remember Rep. Foley and how that went nuclear?

So who at Sesame Street is the Joe Paterno?

Will the news media pick up this story, how about Saturday Night Live, if they are still around?

Sesame Street has more money than Penn State. And they have a squeaky clean reputation to destroy as well. That is normally a win-win situation in newsworthiness.

How could the media ignore a story like this? The boy in question has hired a Sandusky-linked firm to represent him.

Will Elmo have to be served a subpoena to testify? He might have seen something.