The NEW New Hampshire 10,000 Person Minority

Democrats took advantage, in this election cycle, of their having a non-primary year. They demonized Republicans and scared single women and minorities enough to win a status quo election. Good for them.

Hey, let’s call it a “Mexicans Standoff.”

As usual, their hype will be that Republicans have to adopt more liberal positions to win future elections. That is how these things usually go in a national election. The dumb drumbeat.

Here in NH, where the minority vote is different, Republicans, under that same liberal theory should be finding out how to cater to, and win the new New Hampshire minority voter – the non-resident voter.

How can New Hampshire Republicans “reach out” to non-resident voters from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, for that matter, all the other 49 states?

That will be some task.

Watch how the elected officials from college towns vote for a hint as to what non-resident voters in NH are looking for.

Democrats already know and exploit college kids for all they are worth.

It is up to Republicans to find a way to be more like NH Democrats - or not.

We have a choice in 2014.

That race started November 7th.