When The Going Gets Tough, We Always Have Comedy

“BANGKOK — The Pentagon has launched a sweeping review into misconduct by senior officers, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta announced Thursday, a rare undertaking at the nation’s largest bureaucracy, beset by recent high-profile scandals involving the brass.”


The Pentagon has made a deal with the Main Stream Media to have its own reality show to be called “CIA Boo Boo” centered around the familiar and hilarious cast of characters inhabiting the wacky world of Defense and American embassies.

Starring in CIA Boo Boo will be Leon Panetta, bringing with him all the slap happy expertise of the “Monica Lewinsky Show.”

We all remember that 90’ sit-com where a chubby pizza and oral sex delivery girl would walk right past "Chief of Bill's Little Staff" Leon and hop under President Bill Clinton’s desk, while the much beloved by American women President was on the phone to Yassar Arrafat.

See that Humming Monica/Arrafat - Lybia/Libido Middle East connection? Now THAT is how to keep a Pentagon sit-com interesting, add in some intrigue, a thousand year old conflict, slapstick action and some T and A.