The Win And The Spin

The latest spin on the 2012 election the media is pushing is that the hurricane won it for Obama and all the standard stuff about the Republicans going too far right.

The Republican insiders and professional politicians who win no matter who loses, are out in public condemning Romney and the one factor that held the Republican to the same popular vote total they won in 2008 - the TEA Party; and anyone else who doesn’t want to be more like Democrats.

Sooo tiring.

The one question that seems to be verboten in this election is: Where did some 7 million 2008 Democrat voters go?

Obama has done everything in his power and the treasury to buy every voting block weak enough to fall for his free money charms and still 7 million solid Obama voters disappeared.

I thought that once you Barack you never go back?

If the professional Republican RINOs want to win, and that is not a proven case, they should be out digging through voter responses to find out what demoralized so many Obama voters instead of distancing themselves from recent revelations from Romney that Obama used his power of the purse to buy votes – something they all do.

Obama has just inherited his own mess of four years. If, as a Republican RINO campaign professional, you can’t capitalize on Obama’s glaring weakness, he can’t run a lemonade stand and lost 7 million past voters, why bother being involved.

Oh, that’s right, you get paid, win or lose.