A Democrat House Is A Win For Felon's Rights

When you run a campaign based on fear and free goodies for select minorities, as the Democrats nationwide just did, here is who you get: Stacie Marie Laughton – Democrat NH State Representative.


“Just walk in and pull the Democrat lever,” the same day voters were told.

This year we had 99,000 same-day and non-resident voters, at a minimum, who just couldn’t be bothered to ask one single question of the Democrat campaign of hate and fear.

I haven’t heard Maggie Hassan bragging about this “score” yet.

And for some reason I am unaware of the “Year of the Women” having a place set aside for this individual in either press reports or any public restroom.

But that will come.

And to think Jackie Cilley called WWII vet and State Rep. Bob Kingsbury a “whack-job” during the primary.

This puts the Democrat Party much more in perspective.