Technically She Is Still A Legal Representative

I am bummed out now that Democrat poster girl Stacie Marie Laughton has signed off on Democrat handler Ray Buckley’s PLEDGE not to take office, especially after winning in the recent Democrat sweep.

And of all people to ask this aspiring young lady to step down?

Is Raybo having some sort of midlife crisis?

Just because Stacie Marie Laughton, once a dude from Laconia, has a long criminal and goofy stuff list of achievements, there is no need to treat her this way.

Out of state college students did just what they were told and pulled the Democrat lever for Stacie and now, as they bring their laundry back from Thanksgiving at mom’s house in New Jersey, what do the have to show for it?

I know Democrats use women and people on fixed incomes every election cycle, herding them towards polling booths with cattle prods of fear, but to take advantage of this new minority is shameless.

Now all we have left for blog fodder is the Occupy team that won seats on the Democrat “moderate” ticket.

Time for some sanity in Concord?

Wait and see what happens when the Left of the Left NH Legislature gets going in 2013.

Stacie has a history of making major changes in her life. I hope she doesn't let Raybo bully her and changer her mind. She might just look like the most conservative Democrat in Concord next year.