Numbers Don't Lie Like Reporters

I heard some interesting numbers on the radio the other day and just had a chance to look up some photos of an Obama event that must have seen people standing on each others shoulders to get a glimpse of The One.

President Barack Obama spoke at Veteran’s Park in Manchester NH a few weeks ago and the Washington Post has a web site article that pegged the number of people who showed up to see him posted as – 6,000.

Not bad for a sitting president to get that many people to show up in person, leaving school, a state job, or a line at the unemployment office.

But here it is:

Funny though, a few years back CNHT was part of a TEA Party rally in that same park and when we PACKED the place it was estimated that we had somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 attendees.

I was the last speaker and remember when the crowd cheered so loud at our offer to pay the best home made sign holder $100, the squirrels ran through the trees like it was the first day of squirrel season. They held up so many signs I couldn’t see the back of the park. So think how big the Obama crowd was in October. It’s almost unbelievable?

Of course our crowd was mostly families pushing baby carts, retirees, and people slipping out of work early. Maybe that made the difference – those people don’t count much to the people who count - but they vote.