Just A Little Relevant Info Please

One of the polls I would like to see is probably too tuff for the professionals to pull off. It would involve asking several extra questions.

Here they are:

1. This, for telephone polls. “When, exactly, did you first have doubts about President Obama after he was elected?”

2. This, for attendees of the huge Republican political rallies. “Have you ever attended a TEA Party rally?”

I have never been a fan of political polls because I don’t believe people wait until the last damn minute to make up their minds about politicians. So I don’t believe the polls are “tightening” of people changed their minds on the last step into a voting booth.

Asking some questions about exactly when people changed their mind about an incumbent might be enlightening.

And wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many motivated TEA Party people from the September 12, 2009 march on DC are still motivated inside a large crowd at a rally this late in an election.

I know they held their powder until 2010.

How is that Occupy Movement doing anyway?