When You Vote In New Hampshire Tomorrow

When you vote in NH tomorrow keep this in mind.

You have a once in a lifetime chance to send a message to several people who could sorely use one.

When NH votes to send fiscal conservatives, constitutionalists, and people who believe in our system of government to office here and in DC it will be slap in the face to:

Superior Court Judge Lewis who took an absurd case from the NH ACLU and League of Left-leaning Women Voters and is allowing non-residents to steal your vote.

It will repudiate three members of the NH State Supreme Court's decision to allow Lewis to try to swing an election to Barack Obama through our four Electoral Votes.

Here is the scam:

Judge Lewis supports the idea that there are such things as "Mobile Domiciles" from which non-residents can vote in NH where a vote still counts for something.

Example: If a student from Pennsylvania enrolled at UNH as an out of state student is happy with BLack Panthers patrolling polling places and Philadelphia voters getting to vote several times, thereby stealing the state for Democrats, that is fine.

Just don't add to the injustice by voting here in NH.

Judge Lewis went to Columbia University - that explains a lot. he believes there exists in America an elite class who can make decisions for the rest of us.

Prove him wrong.