Congratulations, May All Your Schemes Come True - If You Can Find The Money

As I drift off to sleep it looks like President Obama has won re-election.


Just what has he won?

I would think he has won the much publicized “Republican’s War Against Women.”

With that said, I guess we will see what a “Women’s Economy” looks like.

With a healthy shot of far let wing liberals elected to the US Senate, itching for a fight – they all ran on “fighting” for this or that, it will be interesting to see how the Women’s Economy pans out.

Can the single women Obama supporters, the Obama campaign targeted, who look to government as a friend they can not do without find happiness in more borrowing and spending?

I, for one, will be watching from my perch to see how fast the Women’s Economy turns around, gas prices balance out to a planned economy level, unemployment reaches the standard democratic socialist level – 10%, and all manners of progressive ideas take hold in a country that no longer has a pot to pee in.

And the Republicans have picked up seats in the House from what I hear.


I guess demonization has its rewards. All the blame heaped on your heads for four long years did not stick. Imagine that, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner is all tan and rested.

The US Senate might now have some time to come up with the secret budget they have been hiding. That should be a pleasant surprise.

In two more short years, starting this evening, we will have a mid-term election and measure the results of the mess Obama inherited.

I am reading a book critical of the FDR years. It is so much like what we have now, a fawning press, Ivy League experts with on experience, class warfare, trillions in debt after a campaign to cut debt, communists in administration, and a health dose of spending to buy votes - some of which FRD did with his own funds.

There are many similarities between FDR's tactics and Obama's with one exception, FDR had a war economy to get him out his financial mess.

Obama only has the Women's Economy.