Keep Fighting, Rep. West

Allen West has a recount on his hands in Florida.

This could be interesting in that West was leading in the election by about 2000 votes until an elections officer “recounted” early ballots – you know, the ones most associated with Democrats.

I know it is tradition in Democrat strongholds to keep counting until the right numbers come up, right “Senator” Al Franken, but West is no pushover like Franken’s opponent was.
Here in my crooked town, when I ran for Selectman the first time of four, it was tradition to take the ballots upstairs to count, out of sight, and announce the winner after the count. Liberals who run the town had done this for years. I had to fight to get that stopped.

The second year I ran ballot clerks stacked cardboard boxes on the table so you could not see the count.

During one re-count I requested, the State Seal they put on the box after the election was taped to the top of the box, but the bottom of the cardboard box was folded closed with no seal on it.

The year I finally won by eight votes my opponent asked for a recount. Here is how this scam works:

The NH recount sheet for towns consists of tiny boxes where you make an x, by two strokes, so that each box counts as two votes. Remember, the boxes are tiny.

So when the re-counters pick up speed there is no way you can watch the ballot, the election officials, and the tiny boxes all at the same time.

My re-count started out fine but soon sounded like an auction. I yelled, stop, and threatened court action. Before I could do that my eight vote lead slipped to five, but I still won.

Been there Rep. West, stick to your guns.