Some Percent Of 47% - Went

If Obama’s ground game is so good why did he turn out so many million fewer voters than his first run for President?

Where did the past 9 million Obama worshipers go in 2012? Damn, you would think he would have picked up that many more in his second term.

And if these Obama voters turned from him, given a second chance, and I can guarantee you, past Obama voters received phone calls, mailers, and had workers stop by their homes, why did they not go vote in their own best interest again?

Now that is puzzling. I imagine it was pretty scary for Obama as well.

Are we stuck with 9 million easily scared voters who have given up? That would be almost too good to be true.

Democrats, liberals, socialist, and communists in this country have their work cut out for them if they want to buy those voters back.

If you have those once loyal Democrat voters on the dole - and disillusioned, what’s the point?