The Democrats Will BANKRUPT Medicare As We Know It!!!!

The liberal spin on this election is in full flight. Here is how it goes:

The hurricane won re-election for the Messiah.

Nice tripe if you can sell it.

This election has established the “Women’s Economy.” That is the end result.

Women, looking for government support, for raising kids alone, and for so-called reproductive rights, were some of the tipping points. And as usual, there was a full blown campaign of fear dropped on the heads of the elderly on fixed incomes.

I get the Democrat mailers at my home and they all said the same thing, _________ will end Medicare as we know it.

The missing part in this scare tactic is that Democrats will knowingly and purposely bankrupt Medicare, Social Security, the Post Office, the military, and any other program or endeavor with which they can to buy votes.

Mitt Romney was right about the 47%. I’ll give him credit for that.

There is a solid base of people who depend on any candidate who will give them more of other people’s money in exchange for a vote.

Here is how to tell if women are serious about their issues or if they want something for free from someone willing to scare them.

Obama campaigned with Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton has along history of assaulting any women he can get near through his various positions in government. He paid one $800,000.00 and lost his license to practice law over it. We have everything but video on this creep.

Women who cheer him on either want something, or they don’t support other women – but let a Republican say anything remotely true about rape or abortion and they are demonized in an almost mechanical fashion.

I call it a cheap win for the Left. Just sit back and hand a small, easily remembered talking point to the 47% who will excuse it as an excuse for taking from others to help themselves.

So good luck to progressives and socialists who use the “End Entitlements” as we know them campaign against opponents, they now have a chance to “Fund Entitlements” as we know them.

The “Women’s Economy” will come to a tipping point much sooner than European Socialist economies did because America is out of borrowing ability.

Arthur Lauffer, the economist, was in the news yesterday pointing out the advantage of being on the outside of a collapsing economy is when you are an elected official.

Progressives have the Messiah and the mess he inherited from himself as the prize fruitcake this election cycle.