Election's Over, Down To Business As Usual

What’s the old saying, “watch what the other hand is doing,” I think is how it goes. And as an example of the fantasyland story the progressive news outlets in New Hampshire will be trying to sell to voters in the next two years is on display with this opinion/talking points cheat sheet in the Concord paper.


Suddenly, all in Concord is BIPARTISAN, and common sense – if not downright CONSERVATIVE.

Gone are the charges of Republicans being racists, or trying to reverse abortion “rights” of women.

Nowhere in this Concord Democrat talking points list is any reference to Republicans ending Medicaid, slashing education spending, destroying Social Security, or ending homosexual “marriage.”

What gives with the great campaign of taking on the nasty Republicans in Concord?

All of a sudden the most important issues facing New Hampshire are, in order:

1. Talking with the subversive Republicans. (That would be the feigned bipartisanship.)

2. Prisons.

3. Northern Pass.

4. Expansion of I-93.

Funny Democrats didn’t run on those issues. None of that was in the Democrat fliers sent to my house.

99,000 voters registered on Election Day to fix NH prisons, and expand I-93?

Non-resident college students were herded to the polls in NH to end the Northern Pass project?

Nursing homes were descended upon and old folks driven to the polls for, bipartisanship?

I don’t think so and neither does the Concord paper. They want all the hate and vile they spewed at Bill O’Brien, people of faith, Free State members, and Republicans to magically disappear while they scheme for broad based taxes – just like Governor Lynch was working behind the scenes for homosexual marriage and a forced by spending income tax.

I saw a comment by a guy who was interviewed while leaving a polling place where he was asked about his vote. He said he voted Democrat because he “Had three daughters to protect.”

The fear campaign the progressives ran in NH should be remembered for what it was - and is in every election cycle.